Russia demanding inter-Afghan peace

   Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson condemned recent terrorist assaults in Kabul and Qandahar and demanded inter-Afghan peace between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban group

Sever reaction of Ata Muhammad Noor to Abdul Hakim Mujahid’s declarations

    Ata Muhammad Noor, acting governor of Balkh province has demanded detention of one of the high peace council

member following his allegation about Taliban and the country’s former president, Borhanuddin Rabbani

Religious scholars demands public mobilization against Daesh in Baghlan province

  Nearly one thousands religious scholars expressed concerns about Daesh presence in the country and demand public mobilization against this group 

Where is Zalmai Rassoul? What does he do

 Max Weber knows ‘tradition’, ‘charisma‘, and ‘law’, the legitimate sources in the realm of politics. Political leaders in the contemporary history of Afghanistans

A new forum for Afghan talks

 Challenged by Afghan Taliban’s two high-profile recent offensives in Kunduz and Helmand provinces the... government 

Afghanistan, the 15-year failure


There is a perverse symmetry on display in Afghanistan right now. Fifteen years ago, American warplanes bombed targets there, beginning

حرکت اصلاحی عاشورا

شاید از دشوارترین موارد برای نوشتن، قلم زدن برای عاشورا و قیام امام حسین علیه السلام باشد زیرا قریب 1400 سال است که این قیام پابرجاست

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  • افتتاح بازسازی قصر دارالمان توسط رییس جمهور
  • افتتاح بازسازی قصر دارالمان توسط رییس جمهور
  • افتتاح بازسازی قصر دارالمان توسط رییس جمهور